10 must have for your luggage

Hi girls! Welcome in my blog!

This is my 1st post in English…and I’m really excited about it!

Anyway, today in writing something about “holidays“.

Considering that I’m going on holidays on Monday the 8th, I’m writing a list of all the stuff I’m going to bring with me.

Of course, any of us has got her own “traumas” and obsessions due to the damned preparation of the luggage: 

  • it has to respect the weight (if you have to travel by plane like me)
  • it has to keep ALL THE NECESSARY for the survival of humanity (and you know that it means bringing with you EVERYTHING you own because “you never know what can happen”)
  • you have to arrange everything so that you won’t find yourself in the situation of “my dress is too crumpled to be used” or “my toothbrush in on the bottom of the luggage so that if I want to brush my teeth I have to overturn every single thing in it”


Well, let’s be honest.

Preparing the luggage is the thing, the most terrible, frustrating and highly psycological dangerous for a woman (for me, only on the 3dr position on the podium after the cycle and the 1st dinner with his parents when you have only hanged out with him since a week).

But let’s try to keep calm… today I want to help you all with my mini-list of the things you CANNOT FORGET to take with you (of course, if you’re going at the seaside just like me).

  1. Sun protections (I used the plural because I know everyone of us has got one cream for each part of the body)1340180752.png
  2. Hydrating after-sun lotions
  3. Swimsuits flip flopsIMG_3360
  4. Phone charger
  5. Shampoo + conditioner comb
  6. Mini hair dryer
  7. Nail buffer + varnish remover + 1 nail polish (just for emergency)IMG_2717.JPG
  8. A book or an i-pod just to relax while sunbathing
  9. Dresses for the night and  sarong/shorts and tops for the beachLe-zeppe-per-la-primavera-estate-2014-131
  10. Just 1 pair of sandals (because we have to admit that we always use our favourite one, so why bringing every single pair? We are on holidays, not on the Red Carpet!)

Obviously, there are a lots of other mountains of stuff you can bring with you… these are only 10 starting bullets…now it’s your turn to add everything else you’ll need!

I send you lots of kisses and thanks for reading the post!

Have wonderful holidays!



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