Fall in…TAG!

Hi girls!

Welcome back!

To say “Welcome” to the new season, I decided to translate into English an Italian TAG that is very popular in this period.

Let’s get started!

The rules of this TAG are:

1- Use the image of the TAG’s creator (that is an Italian Blogger).
2- Write what are your 3 fave things about fall.
3- Tag other 15 bloggers (thing that I won’t do, because I’ve already done it in my Italian section of the blog).

The creator of this TAG is an Italian blogger called Il Mondo Di Shioren and the image above is her own. (You can use it if you want to partecipate too).

The 3 main things I love about fall are: 

  • Hot tea to be drunk on the sofa while watching TV o reading a book.
  • Chestnuts! I really love them!


  • Dark nail polishes, of course! In particular, I like black, bordeaux, purples and dark reds.

So, I won’t tag anyone, but if you want, I would be very glad if you decide to do it, and if you do, please let me know writing down a comment.

Lots of love,


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